With a healthy person in a healthy organization are prerequisites for being successful, respected and in demand. In your work with the corporate culture, performance management and to be an attractive workplace, we are your support!
Value Creators work as consultants in organizational development. We focus on creating a whole of organizations, from visions into tangible practical action, from planning to the management of the individual employee. A special competence is about visibility, evaluate and develop organizational culture and values, and that the integration of key sustainability issues.
We have different missions worked primarily with managers and management teams, both of listed companies, state agencies and local governments, but also with the employees and the entire organization of major change.
We develop and provide an online system for performance management, Incito. The system manages performance data collection through surveys and indicators. It handles analyzes at all levels in an organization, as well as documentation and evaluation of the measures. In Incito is possible to connect questionnaires and key success factors or values in the balanced scorecard.
Let’s loosen action power of your organization!
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