San Jose Jesuitak Ikastetxea de Durango is an Ignatian Center that, as an Obra de la Compañía de Jesús, seeks to form people with some traits of their own (reconciled, for others, with others and grateful). It is also a concerted center, which throughout its more than 125 years of existence (1880 was the year of foundation) has been dedicated to the educational function.
Although there are many schools – public and concerted – in Durango and Duranguesado, in San Jose Jesuitak Ikastetxea with more than 1300 students, 800 families and almost 100 educators, we meet an important demand for schooling in the same Durango municipality as in its region, with our offer of Nursery, Infant Education (First and Second Cycle), Primary, Compulsory Secondary and Baccalaureate (Science and Technology Modality and Human and Social Sciences Mode).
During our educational history we have shown a gratifying capacity for evolution, in diverse circumstances, always being faithful to a fundamental identity and with a spirit of openness. This openness to the people and the people of Durango is symbolized in our open doors and in our involvement and service to others.
We have always tried to prioritize the value and dignity of each person. That is why we have always been driven to evolve to offer a better service, with the joy and confidence that we carry forward our dreams with a joint effort.

San Jose Jesuitak Ikastetxea
Kurutziaga 1
48200 Durango
Tlf: 94 681 00 50
Fax: 94 681 03 04