Welcome to use the Early Warning – Early reaction survey

Very short back ground

Our Erasmus project aims to find an easy to use IT based tool for early detection of factors that indicate future problems for students to succeed in their education.

Our approach is that if the students sense of belonging in school is reduced, that’s is an early indication. We identified 17 statements that we packed into one survey. After using the survey we have ran an correlation analysis between grades and the survey, to confirm the relevance of the statements.

We can now offer the survey in English, Spanish, Basque, Norwegian and Swedish. If you want to use this tool in your school please read on.

The 17 statements:

1. My teachers care for what I say  
2. Other students care for what I say  
3. I feel safe  
4. It’s ok to be me – I can be myself  
5. I feel like a part of school community  
6. I have friends at school  
7. I’m being greeted by someone every day  
8. It is ok to do mistakes in school  
9. I can concentrate in school.  
10. I have support from home  
11. Teachers treat me gently  
12. The lessons are meaningful to me  
13. The teachers trust in my ability to learn  
14. I trust in my ability to learn  
15. I have fun learning  
16. I get feedback  
17. I know why I’m here

Using the tool

This survey is developed with support of the Erasmus program and is available free of charge on the following conditions.

  • Each school gets an account with the possibility to create different classes that allows analysis at a class level.
  • Each school provides student information in excel file provided by Värdeskaparna of Sweden.
  • Each school informs Värdeskaparna of the start and stop date for the survey, and Värdeskaparna sends e-mail to each student, with a link to the survey.
  • If nothing else is agreed upon, the students name and e-mail addresses are erased within two weeks from the stop date of the survey. (If the same students are supposed to answer the survey again, their e-mail addresses are kept)
  • Each school gets one administrator account for direct access to results, GAP-analysis and actions.


Send an e- mail to kontakt@vardeskaparna.se and we will answer your questions and set you up ready to go.

The tool

The tool consists of a webbased survey with an easy to use result presentation dialog. It also includes a documentation form for GAP-analysis and actions. If the survey is conducted repeatedly the effect of actions can be assessed.

 The screenshot shows how the survey is presented to the students.

The result dialog is visual and easy to use. The example below shows the tool with a fictive content.

The colors in the diagram indicates target levels, chosen by the organization. This is the basic presentation showing the average of all answers.

By using the buttons above the diagram you can switch the presentation to trend diagram, showing how the average for the entire survey has developed over time. The red and yellow line indicate target levels.

The next button above the diagram shows the average values in numbers, ranging from 1 to 10.

The fourth and final button above the diagram leads to a spread chart. The image below shows how the 104 answers spread over the axis for question number 1.