Vågen Upper Secondary is located in wonderful center of Sandnes.
The school houses the education programs Media and Communication, Music, Dance and Drama, General Studies with Arts, Design and Architecture. And also the Vocational study of Design and Crafts, Design and Crafts VG1, interior and exhibition design VG2, Interior VG3 and Exhibition Design VG3. We also have a vocational study of Media production.
The combination of large professional community within aesthetic programs, makes the school unique nationally and internationally. Vågen upper secondary has approximately 850 student places and 160 employees. The school attaches great importance to cooperation through team and teams. Modern technology in all fields provide opportunities for relevant and future learning. The school has its own technical staff with expertise in light / sound, media technology and ICT.
The school also includes Sandnes Culture School, which provides great opportunities for cooperation in many areas. A high degree of joint use of space between the upper secondary and culture ensures efficient utilization of the building’s many specialty rooms.
In the school gymnastics hall Sandnes Gymnastics Association and other sports organizations in the municipality are regular users. School building’s performance hall and other rooms in the school building are also offered for rent to other cultural activities.
The vision for schools in Vågen building is about facilitating and creating unique learning experiences. The learning environment must be inclusive and open to new ideas and opportunities, and the individual should be seen and taken care of. Partnership Opportunities will open up and put into use.


Holbergs gate 23
4306 Sandnes
51 92 15 00